Company Overview

TaraCom Integrated Products is a fabless semiconductor company specializing in development of Phy IP Cores using innovative high-speed serial link technologies integrated in advanced CMOS processes. Our serial link interface solutions have wide range of applications in networking, computing, communications, storage, and consumer entertainment markets.

Quick Overview

Our products include standards-based IP cores, such as PCI Express, SATA Phy, GPON, XAUI SGMII and Configurable IP Phy Cores. TaraCom has products designed to operate with data speeds of 1-3.125 Gbps targeted for high speed backplanes and Fibre Channel applications, along with next generation products spanning from 2.5 Gbps to12.5 Gbps in CMOS technology. TaraCom products offer industry's highest jitter tolerance and most comprehensive features at very competitive prices.

Our business model focuses on a close collaborative design process with our customer, whether we are designing custom, standards based, or just implementing the integration of our available IP. We offer a broad range of products to help our customers reduce the technical risks and time to market associated with mixed signal, high speed serial interface IPs. We understand the customers concerns and offer a variety of business models and integration strategies to make you successful. We respect and work well with "Stealth" companies and projects on extremely cutting edge opportunities. Contact us... let's talk.


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